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Application Development

Are your people using spreadsheets for
critical processes?


Spreadsheets are easy to use for simple data analysis and calculations. They’re good, too, for visualizing tabular data using charts and graphs.

But, they break down fast for performing complex business processes. Each spreadsheet, for each user, becomes it’s own repository and process.

With such unstructured data, spread across computers and spreadsheets how do you:

  • Know who changed the data?
  • Confirm the change are valid?
  • Format your data correctly?
  • Report on your data?
  • Secure your data?
  • Make great decision based on your data?

It’s not possible.  Beyond spreadsheets, there are other woes by not having centralized and automated solutions.

Do you experience this in your organization? 


We lose important knowledge when people leave the company.

It’s difficult and slow to capture and store required information about our business.

I’m not confident we’re making good choices by not following a structured, automated processes.

We’re making important decisions slowly because we cannot easily access the required data.

Others can see and share our confidential data, putting our company at risk.

We’re not responding fast enough to customer requests, thus losing out on sales opportunities.

Your business, your data, let us help you make the most of it.

We help companies like yours.


We'll identify and develop tools to ensure your processes operate as expected.

  • Convert your spreadsheet to high-functioning data applications
  • Indentify broken and missing processes that are causing you less-than-optimal results
  • Clearly write requirements to improve and automate processes, then...
  • Build your cloud solution with new and improved processes
  • Integrate applications with data sources across the enterprise to create a consistent and consolidatate user experience
  • Secure your data with roles and permissions for only the appropriate people
  • Make it easy to capture 'know-how' that stays, versus leaves, the company
  • Digitize, organize and store your data, centrally

And, of course...

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Automate activities you're doing manually.

Data Platform

What is a data platform?

A data platform is a type of IT solution allowing an organization to develop, deploy and manage their data. Businesses collect data from traditional and digital sources inside and outside your company.

Why should I care?

Collecting, storing and organizing large amounts of data will help you discover hidden opportunities for your business. With today’s technologies, you can analyze data and get answers almost immediately.

That is, if you’re using these technologies and tools. If not...

You're probably experiencing this:

  • We're making costly business decision because our data is old, inaccurate, or not available
  • We're wasting time and money making bad choices
  • We don't know where our data is because it's not located in a single location
  • It takes special knowledge and tools to query our data
  • People are duplicating efforts when working with the data
  • Questions go unanswered by not knowing who our subject matter experts are
  • Our data is not secure, putting the company at risk
  • Our data is not compliant with regulations or contractual obligations
  • Our data is unstructured, making it hard to find and understand
  • We don't know how the data is calculated

Decisive Data will help you move
fast and efficiently


We'll identify and develop tools to ensure your processes operate as expected

Reduce costs by identifying more efficient ways of doing business

Make better, faster decisions by analyzing information immediately

Create new products and services by understanding how to better serve customers

We’ll build you a system to collect
and mine your data

  • Determine emerging trends for your business
  • Verify and validate all data sets
  • Collect data using a systematic approach
  • Review and validate your data sources
  • Identify where data is duplicated
  • Prevent data from being duplicated
  • Enrich your data by automatically populating missing attributes (e.g. populate the 'industry' attributes from a customer record)
  • It's cheap to collect data with affordable hardware and computing resources But, it's expensive to let that data go to waste, having it sit there like burried diamonds

Create a data platform to find
your data diamonds

This requires special skills. That’s why companies like
yours call on us.

Contact us today to give

your machines a chance to learn and mine your data.

Analytics & Data Science

What is Data Science? Data Analytics


Data science combines computer science, modelling, statistics, analytics and mathematics to automatically analyze massive amounts of data.

Data analytics is the process of examining your large data sets to draw conclusions about your business.

Data + Automation + Science
= Better Business Decisions


More specifically… you’ll make faster, better, more informed business decisions, backed by data.

No matter what you call it- “data analytics”, “data science”, “big data”, “data mining”, “business intelligence”, or any other “industry term”.

Before becoming our clients, business leaders had difficulties...

  • Showing how programs contributed to annual goals
  • Responding rapidly to customers, to improve sales
  • Deciding what to continue doing, change or stop doing
  • Predicting and planning for a better future, based on data
  • Being certain their metrics were accurate and derived from a single source of data
  • Viewing the data to understand how the business was performing

In other words… it was difficult to identify what next best action to take for their business.

Not Anymore

Decisive Data has helped hundreds of
companies like yours

We'll help you understand what your performance metrics mean

  • Analyze your data to optimize current ways of doing business
  • Discover data patterns to predict new ways of doing business
  • Convert your data into meaningful organized data sets to better understand your business
  • Define and create metrics to optimize your existing business processes, then...

We'll design and build views onto your data. This will allow everyone to share important and common insights into your business. Immediately

  • Build tools to easily SEE
  • Make it obvious for you to see what's working, what's not, and what to consider next
  • Do all of the above iteratively to make small, versus large, course corrections
  • Train your people to use your new BI platform as designed and intended and...

See your results everywhere. On any device, at any time, via the cloud. See some data dashboards

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It's about helping people make better, more informed business decisions with data. 

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We understand data. Understand usability. We understand your needs.


Our Core is to
strengthen yours

We'll focus on the data, so you can focus on your business

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Automate activities you're doing manually.